Best Ice Makers in the UK

Chilling out with your family members or friends, and suddenly you are out of ice! A total disaster to spoil the fun mood of the occasion.

But no need to worry anymore. Ice makers are here to the rescue. These fantastic machines produce ice in a matter of time and cater to all your needs.

There are many options available in the market. Here we present you the best ice makers in the UK to watch out in 2020.

But first, let us go through the key features of these fantastic machines to make an informed decision while selecting the best one.

Ice cubes made with ice makers

Guidelines to buy the best ice maker

Here are some of the features to deem about while selecting the best ice maker.

1. Amount of ice required 

Determining the amount of ice required regularly, and purchasing the right quantity against the standard bag measurement, helps in choosing the best ice maker, optimally suiting the needs.

Smaller appliances generate around 20-30 lbs for a day, while the bigger commercial machines can produce up to 400 lbs or even more, and prices vary accordingly. 

Meanwhile, the average ice production in many residential ice making appliances is in range 25-50lbs, pretty much sufficient for a household, or hosts of regular gatherings.

2. Usage of ice 

The specific purpose that requires the usage of ice also influences the choice of buying the best ice maker as particular usage patterns, and specific industries demand certain kinds of ice and ice makers. 

3. The ratio of production and storage capacity 

Storing of produced ice is as essential as ice production in an ice maker. While the production capacity is the quantity of ice produced in a day, storage capacity is the quantity of ice the appliance can contain.

Storage capacity is always too low than the production capacity, and thus, depending on usage and requirement, best ice makers that would offer optimally needed storage must be chosen.

Another critical point with storage is that the ice makers would stop the production of ice, if the maximum storage capacity is reached or when the storage bin is full.

4. Type required 

Industry needs would require specific types and shapes of ice like square/half cube/crescent etc. that would offer the eye-catching and necessary outcome, which requires choosing the best ice maker, rendering desired shapes. 

  • Square ice has very less surface area and thus cools fast yet melts slowly without altering the original flavour of the beverage, making it the best choice for beverages, soft drinks, bagged ice, mixed drinks, and ice dispensers.
  • Half cube ice permits more ice and low liquids, reducing costs on costly beverages and is best for ice dispensers, ice bags, soft drinks, and mixed drinks, frozen cocktails, and primarily benefits self-serving machines.
  • Crescent ice, visually appealing, with flatness in a side and curved structure on the other, like the half-moon(crescent), the ice doesn’t clump and thus is a great choice for beverage dispensers and exclusively used for bagging, ice dispensers, soft drinks, and mixed drinks.
  • Tiny chips of ice resembling snow cone ice, flake ice, is inevitable in product preservation, preventing spoilage(chilled foods/seafood/meat items), medical treatment of injuries, vibrant melange of blended cocktails. 
  • Top hat ice, the best quality of ice, made by dispelling air during freezing, is crystal clear and is visualized as a small shot glass, that is exotically needed in the top of line liquors(scotch drinks/ bars), finest dinings, and at hospitals. 
  • Tender and chewable, round or spherical, tiny and flavour retentive, Nugget ice, is splash resistant and undoubtedly the best choice for fountain drinks, soft drinks, and blended cocktails and consumes the least energy too for production.

Thus, regular usage in a specific field requires a consistent type of ice from the ice maker, which must be thought before buying.

5. Installation process 

Questions like apt space, installing process, portability matter equally crucial while choosing the best ice maker. The installation process varies between freestanding, built-in, and portable ice makers.

Freestanding units demand an open space since those models can’t fit appropriately into the modern kitchen layout, and instead requires additional floor space and more spacious area. 

Meanwhile, built-in ice makers fit seamlessly into the existing cabinetry or kitchen layout or chosen layout of installation without using up any floor space but require an exclusively dedicated water line.

Portable ice makers are small and are light in weight. Thus, they are easy to carry around. This feature increases the portability and user-friendliness of the ice maker. However, you can not store ice in this product for longer durations of time.

6. Draining options 

Every ice maker requires a draining region(except portable and other few models) whereby the draining option for the best ice maker must be chosen between gravity drains and drain pumps.

Models with gravity drain require the draining region in twelve inches radius for ice maker. Also, the drain should be located lower in height than the drain outlet for draining the excess water with the assistance of gravity. 

Meanwhile, the models with the drain pump draining models invent the need for an inbuilt pump or additional accessory that takes surplus water to the nearest drain, in a direction opposite to gravity.

7. Air or water-cooled condenser 

Yet another essential mechanism of ice makers to choose between is whether the machine is air or water conditioned for working. 

While the air-cooled condenser draws in air for condensation, the water-cooled condenser draws in water for condensation( the process of making ice).

Water condenser can work even in warmer temperatures while they aren’t efficient in energy saving.

8. Additional features

The ability to be under-counter, i.e., fitting ice makers, fitting beneath the counter, fit into the existing cabinetry, without taking up extra floor space is an additional important feature to consider.

Counter-depth units is another feather on the cap of ice makers, which fit the flush with existing cabinetry, or planned area with cabinets, which can render a flawless and splendid look that keeps the entire area layout consistent.

ADA Compliant characteristic implies that the icemaker keeps up with the standard measures that help even individuals with disabilities to use the ice – maker and is a perfect choice for an office environment where all would require the usage of the ice maker.

Energy Star is energy efficiency standards established by the government for reducing costs protecting the environment, and this must be considered for lower energy bills.

Champagne on ice cubes

Best Ice makers in UK

Here are some of the best ice makers available in the market.

1.    Netta Ice Maker Machine 

Netta introduces to you the best ice maker in the UK  that the industry has to offer. With its low preparation time and high production capacity of about 12 kilograms of ice per day, it is a great pick for parties and other social situations. It adds the “chill” in chilling and partying because of its low maintenance and easy to use and easy to clean properties.

Its compact design makes it conveniently portable, but don’t let the size fool you. Despite its small and handy build, it churns up ice at fast processing speed and takes as little as mere 10 minutes to give you fresh ice cubes. Ideal for all settings, the machine is not a nuisance noise-wise and does not come in the way.

It also has automatic sensors that indicate if the tank is full or is running short of ice, making it a pretty much self-supported machine taking care of your ice needs. 


  1. Material: Durable Stainless Steel which will prevent rusting, keeping it as fresh as new for years
  2. Daily production: 12 Kg of ice per day
  3. Production speed: 10 minutes
  4. Weight: 12 Kg
  5. Capacity: The water tank has a capacity of 1.8 litres, and the ice basket has a capacity of 0.8 Kg
  6. Product Dimensions: 31×23.2×31.6cm

Features We Love

  • The transparent cover facilitates a convenient window to check the amount of ice.
  • Its stainless steel exterior gives it a sleek and shiny look and keeps it from rusting.
  • Its compact and sturdy design makes it easy to carry and handle.
  • Fast ice-making does not keep you waiting for long.
  • The product has a large built-in tank capacity for larger storage.
  • Automatic sensors warn you about running low or reaching full capacity.
  • Fresh and easy ice cubes whenever you want.


  • Easily Portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Large Tank Capacity
  • Minimal Processing Time
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Easy to Use
  • Automatic Sensors


  • Specific temperatures need to maintained – room temperature must be between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius, and water temperature must be -9 and -32 degrees Celsius.
  • Water needs to be drained completely after each use.

2.    IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

The IKICH Ice Maker is one of the top-selling and great picks to attend to your ice needs. It has a copper condenser which speeds up the ice making processing and comes packed with foam insulation and an efficient compressor to make your job nothing more than filling it up and switching it on. Nothing gets more manageable than this. It is one of the best ice makers.

Be it a party at a bar, for use in your kitchen, or when you are on the go, IKICH makes for the best ice making companion. It provides you with two ice cube size options and that too of the most popular bullet-shaped ice cubes making them chewable and delicious. They take their sweet time melting due the size and shape, keeping you cool for longer. 

With its high energy efficiency quality, using only minimal energy consumption for fast cooling, lets you enjoy ice while saving the environment. The smart compressor comes to its small dimensions, making it suitable for most countertops. With IKICH, we can bid goodbye to the bulky, noisy, and energy inefficient machines.


  1. Material: Robust and long last ABS shell and pure copper columns
  2. Daily production: 12 Kg of ice per day
  3. Production speed: 6 minutes
  4. Weight: 7.87 Kg
  5. Capacity: 2 litres
  6. Product Dimensions: 8.7×12.3×12.6 inches

Features We Love

  • It allows for two sizes of ice cubes, which are bullet-shaped, making them last longer and easily chewable.
  • This machine has swift production speed, delivering nine pieces in cycles of only 6 minutes.
  • It is designed to fit most countertops and is easy to carry due to its compact size and lightweight, making it a great on-the-go companion.
  • It has a smart indicator which lights up when the ice is full or ready to use or when the machine requires more water.
  • This ice maker has an outlet and drains plug for emptying out unused water.
  • It is environment friendly because of its low consumption of energy attributed to the powerful compressor.
  • This portable ice maker has a removable ice basket to facilitate transferring ice without hassle.
  • It does not require a water hook-up or external plumbing.


  • High-speed cycles with instant cooling
  • Environment-friendly energy efficiency
  • Two size ice cubes
  • Premium and user-friendly with easy to operate control panel
  • Easy to maintain
  • No-noise machine (less than 45dB)
  • Easy installation
  • Compact and portable


  • Requires about 6 hours to settle after installation 
  • Requires time to preheat, making the first and second cycle slightly less effective
  • Relatively expensive

3.    Klarstein Clearcube Ice Cube Machine

On a hot day, the Klarstein ClearCube Ice Machine has got you and is one of the best ice maker. It is perfect for parties and social events that require catering to large gatherings. With its transparent and aesthetically pleasing ice cubes, this product will serve your ice needs with perfection. It produces largely 13 kilograms of ice per day to fit ideal situations of parties and social events without a sweat. 

Easy to use, it has a touch screen control panel that can be manoeuvred with ease. The high performance of the product is accompanied by low energy consumption and environment-friendly features that make it a great choice among its competition. It works well to cool your drinks while being green and environmentally safe.

A sleek black top lid with stainless steel body gives it an elegant finish and makes it fitting to any ambience. The housing of the machine is such that it is easy to clean, making it look daisy fresh and as good as new even after several uses.


  1. Material: Designed with stainless steel and a black lid
  2. Daily production: 13 Kg of ice per day 
  3. Production speed: 9 per cycle
  4. Weight: 10.8 Kg
  5. Capacity: 13Kg
  6. Product Dimensions: 829x36x37 cm

Features We Love

  • Aesthetically pleasant, transparent ice cubes.
  • Low energy consumption with a refrigerant of R600a makes it environmentally friendly.
  • A large production capacity of 13 Kg per day can cater to large gatherings.
  • Its insensitive and hygienic casing makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain.
  • The touch screen panel is easy to operate.


  • Large Production
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Clean
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • The elegant black lid gives it an appealing finish


  • Expensive
  • Substantial in size, making it unhandy

4.    Andrew James Ice Making Machine

A compact machine, the Andrew James Ice Maker is easy to use and equipped with the latest technology of rapid cooling to provide you with succulent ice cubes to keep you cool. Be it at home or in a bar, or the objective is to serve a party on a hot day, this product can keep your drinks chilled without bother.

In less than 10 minutes, the machine can be ready to serve. The enormous production capacity of 15 Kg of ice per day makes it an ideal fit for large serving settings, and its holding capacity of 2.4 litres of water at a time makes it less bothersome to use as one need to refill again and again. 

It has high ratings and seems to sit well with its users, for all the right reasons. It is easy to clean, provides you with tasty ice on a short timed command, and is durable. Handy drainage makes it easier to maintain that all ice cubes are fresh. 


  1. Material: The product is available in either steel or plastic
  2. Daily production: 15 Kg of ice per day
  3. Production Time: Less than 10 minutes
  4. Weight: 9.36 Kg
  5. Capacity: 2.4 litres
  6. Product Dimensions: 35x34x24 cm

Features We Love

  • A large production capacity of 15 Kg per day can cater to large gatherings.
  • The product has rapid speed production of ice in under 10 minutes.
  • The machine does not need to be drained as the drainage valve at the bottom can facilitate emptying out the machine after use.
  • Large water tank capacity makes the refilling process less frequent and bothersome.
  • Two sizes of ice cubes can be produced.
  • It is compact and suitable for handy carrying.
  • It has a removable basket and comes with a scooper to facilitate the transfer of ice without hassle.


  • Large Production
  • Rapid Delivery of ice
  • Easy to Clean
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Removable basket
  • Two sizes of ice cubes
  • No Plumbing


  • Makes continuous buzzing noise
  • Cannot store ice cubes, requires them to be dispensed

5.    Costway Ice Maker

For quick ice production, in under 6 minutes, with energy efficiency, and powerful performance, the Costway Ice Maker is one of the best ice maker available in the UK in the industry with high technology and several features that add to its efficient functioning and lessening the load of the user.

The compact size makes it easily portable so that it is befitting countertops. Its low noise feature bars it from being a nuisance at parties so that your fun and entertainment remain uninterrupted and undisturbed. It is environment- friendly, user- friendly and does not require complex installations or external plumbing. It has indicators to prevent energy wastage and to inform you when the tank is running low on water and to remind emptying of the full ice basket.

The bullet-shaped ice cubes that it produces are soft and delicious on the palate. It also gives you a choice between two sizes so that you can have the ice you prefer. Low maintenance, it is easy to clean with simple wipes, making it shiny and as good as new. 


  1. Material: It is made from food-grade material and durable ABS surface which is smudge-resistant and ensures eating safety
  2. Daily production: 12 Kg of ice per day
  3. Production Time: 6-13 minutes
  4. Weight: 7 Kg
  5. Capacity: 2.2 litres
  6. Product Dimensions: 9.5x14x12.9 inches
  7. Ice Cubes Produced: 9 per cycle

Features We Love

  • It is equipped with a high power compressor and a corrosion-resistant condenser, making it highly efficient and a boon to the environment.
  • The Costway Ice Maker is a low noise machine that wards off the possibility of continuous buzzing that buffers entertainment.
  • It has multiple smart functions like an indication of a full ice basket or requirement of water in case it is running low.
  • It facilitates easy monitoring of the amount of ice left in the machine through a large, transparent window on top.
  • Bullet-shaped ice cubes are soft on the palate and add to the deliciousness.
  • Being made from food-grade material, it ensures healthy and safe eating.


  • Portable
  • Rapid Delivery of ice
  • Outlet and drain plug 
  • User-friendly panel
  • Low noise and energy efficient 
  • Two sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes


  • First few batches need to be discarded
  • Users state that it is difficult to clean
  • Relatively less enduring

6.    Aicok Portable Ice Maker

Extremely intelligent, one of the best features of Aicok Portable Ice Maker that make it supersede is the self-clean feature. Gone are the days when you needed to bother figuring out how to keep your ice maker from gathering dust and compromising the ice because the self-clean feature works it up. It also comes with a timer function and a LED display, which shows time and the operating status of the machine.

Best suited for RVs or camping or even sailing, this compact and portable machine is sturdy and durable. Within 10 minutes or less, it prepares batches of delicious and bullet-shaped ice cubes that cool your drinks, providing you with literal “chill pills.” 

It is user friendly, with easily operational functions, no rocket-science installation, and no-hassle fill and drains. Its modern refrigeration features and high-quality compressor adds to quiet and rapid cooling. Further, automatic shutoff features save energy by shutting the machine and saving energy. Its stylish design and built makes it further a great fit in all sorts of settings and situations. 


  1. Material: It is made food grade quality stainless steel
  2. Daily production: 12 Kg of ice per day
  3. Production Time: 6 minutes
  4. Weight: 11 Kg
  5. Capacity: 2.6 litres
  6. Product Dimensions: 9.8×14.7×12.8 inches
  7. Ice Cubes Produced: 9 per cycle

Features We Love

  • The LED display shows the operational status of the machine and time.
  • The foam insulation board and high-quality DC fan make the product energy efficient, preventing the ice cubes from melting before use.
  • The auto-shutoff feature prevents energy loss.
  • It is equipped with a high power compressor, which makes it a quiet machine offering rampant cooling.
  • This ice maker provides a choice between 3 sizes of ice cubes. 
  • It has a feature of reusing molten water, which saves time and water.


  • Portable
  • Smart features 
  • Rapid Delivery of ice
  • Outlet and drain plug 
  • User-friendly panel
  • Low noise and energy efficient 
  • No need to install
  • Three sizes of bullet-shaped ice cubes


  • Requires constant supervision with the smart features
  • Loud alarm indications of the full basket, several reviews of the product talk about constant beeping

Some Last Words

So, here are the 6 best ice makers available in the UK available in the market. You can evaluate all the pros and cons quickly and make an informed decision while selecting the best option for yourself.

These ice makers are going to rain ice for your occasions. Go and grab one for yourself.