Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

What can be worse than owning a dull set of knives in the kitchen? Don’t worry. Knife Sharpeners are here to rescue. The electric knife sharpeners hone the sides of the knife blade and allow you to cut, chop, slice all your vegetables and meat.

Dull knife not only hinders in cutting but can also lead to severe injuries. With the best electric knife sharpener, you can swiftly hone your knives at the desired sharpness and angles.

If you own a professional set of knives in your kitchen, then you need to maintain the with an equally professional sharpener.

So, let us dig into the features which you need to deem about while selecting the best electric knife sharpener for yourself.

Best electric knife sharpener

Guidelines to buy the best electric Knife Sharpener

Here are the key points to check while selecting a knife sharpener for your kitchen.

1.      Design and Body material

Owning an elegant yet sturdy knife sharpener is like holding a double edge sword. Not only the product will complement your kitchen’s grace but will also be able to withstand wear and tear in the long run.

So, try to look for the options which are made of stainless and hardened good quality plastic.

2.      Knife slots

The knives need to be sharpened from both sides to make a perfect cut. However, changing the side of sharpener every time you need to hone the other hand, can be a lot frustrating. So, try to choose the model which has two slots for each wheel to avoid the unnecessary hassle.

With two slots, you can easily sharpen both sides without changing the side of sharpener every time. It will be time-saving and more user friendly.

3.      Sharpening mechanism

Generally, all the knife sharpeners hone the knives are sharpened in 2 phases. The first phase includes pre-sharpening the blade, and the second phase consists of polishing. Some of the top models may have a third phase which can be used to get even more sharp edges.

Also, it is critical to check the quality of the sharpening abrasives used in the product wheels. You will never want the sharpener to damage the precious set of knives you own in your possession 

So, look for the option which best suits your needs.

4.      Knife type suitability

Typically, most of the knife types can be sharpened by the electric knife sharpeners. Some have additional features and even can hone scissors and other multipurpose knives. So, it is vital to check that the product suits your requirements before you select anyone.

5.      Safety features

Critical precautions at the right time can save you from severe accidents and injuries. While selecting a sharpener double-check the safety measures. The structure should be evenly balanced, and the feet of the product should not skid easily.

Also, ensure that the sharpener doesn’t generate any heat while polishing and sharpening process. It can lead to severe accidents

6.      User Friendliness

Some sharpeners are heavy and bulky, and some are very light in weight and easy to lift. The bulky ones have a stronger threshold to the wear and tear but can hinder portability some times. While on the other hand, light ones might be extremely portable but can stab you in the back with bad quality of wheels and structure material.

So, check the sharpener thoroughly and make a thoughtful decision suiting best to your requirements. 

Sharp knife

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Here are some sharpeners to watch out in 2020:

1.      Chef’sChoice 0101500 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect

Give your knives a new life with the help of the best electric knife sharpener by Chef’s Choice. The way Trizor XV knife sharpener works has made it an essential kitchen tool for the users. It is so easy to use that you can sharpen your old knives efficiently without having any previous experiences.

With this Trizor XV EdgeSelect knife sharpener, it is easy to get maximum sharpness enables you for effortless cutting. This technology ensures the longevity of the thinner knife blades. This knife sharpener is specially designed with the ultra-sharp 15° XV technology, which is perfect for flawless performance. As the product is made up of standard quality material, it is durable enough to last long.

This electric knife sharpener works with a 15-degree angle edge that can sharpen both fine edge and serrated knives accurately. It can sharpen single-bevel or double-bevel 15-degree class knives brilliantly. It is possible because of the advanced spring guides ensuring the highest control of the sharpening angle. This 3-stage EdgeSelect system is handy to provide a perfect edge for different types of knives, including Chef’s knives, Bread knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives etc. It is appropriate to sharpen the thickest or thinnest blades of your knives.

It takes nearly one minute to sharp your knives for the first time, and in case of resharpening, it needs not more than 10 seconds. The Chef’s Choice provides single-sided knife sharpening with honing and polishing. Conical rotating disk with 100 per cent diamond abrasives allows you to sharp and hone the edge perfectly.


  1. Design: This knife sharpener has a durable and robust design comes up with brushed metal or platinum
  2. Grinding wheel: Conical rotating disk with 100% diamond abrasives
  3. Type: Electric
  4. Sharpening angle: 15 degree
  5. Warranty : 3 years
  6. Sharpening stages : 3 

Features we love

  • EdgeSelect technology allows you to sharpen both fine edge and serrated knives.
  • It can convert 20-degree edges into Trizor XV 15 degree edges.
  • It supports you to have appropriate control of the sharpening angle.
  • The 3-stages process allows producing a burr-free knife edge with triple-bevel ensuring better performance of the knives.


  • Optimum versatility for cutting tasks
  • Trizor XV edge technology for better portion control
  • Attractive design 
  • Reduces food waste
  • Appropriate for filleting fish, slicing salmon etc.


  • A little heavy to carry
  • No pre-sharpening or steeling stages

2.      Voche® Professional Electric Two-Stage Sharpener

If you are looking for the best electric knife sharpener available in the market, you can try this electronic device designed by Voche® for a smooth and high-end performance. Besides sharpening knives, you can easily make your scissors sharper with this device. It can grind and resharpen your old knife blades so that you can use them again for flawless cutting. So, it will surely be a useful kitchen tool for your household.

You will need sharp knives to cook conveniently, and with this knife sharpener, it is easy to sharpen different types of kitchen knives which are made up of alloy, carbon or stainless steel material. So, it does not matter how frequently you use these knives for your cooking, with this knife sharpener you can quickly get razor-sharp edges for effortless cutting.

This knife sharpener works with the 2-stage grinding process. At the first stage, it grinds and sharpens the blades of your knives. After phase two, it hones the blades to make sure that you have a sharp and smooth edge. It will help you in cutting and slicing meat without leaving any ragged edges. This knife sharpener is also appropriate to sharpen scissors except for kitchen knives. 

With two grinding wheels, this stainless steel sharpener can grind the knives in both sides. Therefore, both right and left-handed users can use this with ultimate comfort. It comes with a non-slip fit ensuring the safety of this sharpener. 


  1. Design: It is designed with durable stainless steel material
  2. Grinding wheel: 2 durable grinding wheels each having two slots
  3. Type: Electric fitted with three-pin plug (UK standard)
  4. Sharpening angle: Optimum sharpening angle
  5. Sharpening stages: 2

Features we love

  • With this knife sharpener, you can sharpen both kitchen knives and scissors.
  • The non-slip base ensures the safety of this sharpener and very easy to use.
  • Two grinding wheels are perfect for grinding both sides of a knife.


  • Not so expensive
  • Appropriate for both right and left-handed users
  • No ragged edges
  • Durable design
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not ideal for bread knives
  • Grinding disks alignment can create a problem
  • Not noise-free

3.      Chef’s Choice® Diamond Hone® Knife Sharpener Model 120

Chef’s Choice® introduces this unique 3-stage Sharpener that can be considered as one of the best electric knife sharpener choices for your kitchen. It is suitable for hair-splitting edges enables you for perfect and effortless cutting. It is designed with resilient elastomer feet for additional safety. This sharpener can perform smoothly without any oil or liquid.

With this home sharpener, you can have Trizor-Plus™ edge appropriate for flawless cutting tasks. This sharpener is very easy to use so you can get sharper edges of your knives without any previous experiences. You can grind both straight-edge and serrated knife blades with this electric sharpener. This knife sharpener works compatibly to sharpen a wide range of knives including Chef’s knives, Santoku knives, bread knives, filet knives and more.

It is an essential electric device required for your kitchen that is designed with 100 per cent diamond-coated conical disks. It supports this sharpener to provide long-lasting, arch-shaped edges in the first two stages. There is a flexible stropping disk that works in phase 3. As a result, you will get the ultra-sharp polished third-bevel allowing you to perform an effortless cutting action on both sides.

It is available with built-in high precision angle guides with an elastomer that is perfect for sharpening your knives within one minute. You can avoid guesswork and get sharper edges for cutting tough fibrous foods. You can use the knives to cut meat as well as slit smoked salmon and prosciutto perfectly.


  1. Design: It is designed with durable metals and available with multiple colours like platinum, brushed metal, red, white etc.
  2. Grinding wheel: 100% diamond-coated conical disks with advanced stropping
  3. Type: Electric
  4. Sharpening angle: 20 degree
  5. Warranty : 3 years
  6. Sharpening stages : 3

Features we love

  • With flexible stropping, it can hone and polish edges perfectly.
  • 3-stage sharpening process with angle control provides hair-splitting edges.
  • It takes 1 minute for sharpening and nearly 10 seconds for resharpening your old kitchen knives.
  • This sharpener is designed with resilient elastomer feet for better hold of the device.
  • It ensures a high standard performance so that you can use the knives for various purposes.


  • Requires no sharpening oil or liquids
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Smooth and flawless cutting
  • Better angle control


  • Not able to sharpen both edges of the knife
  • No steeling stage

4.      VonShef Electric Two Stage Knife Sharpener With Screwdriver Sharpening Port & Scissor Groove

This Two-Stage Knife Sharpener available with VonShef is perfect for sharpening the blunt blades of your old knives, ensuring razor-sharp. You must need a sharper knife to enjoy your cooking effortlessly, and this is the reason why you need this best electric knife sharpener for your kitchen. This knife sharpener has all the essential features required to have hair-splitting edges.

With this electric device, it is easy to get better performance of your knives. It means you do not have to worry about cutting, slicing or chopping anymore. It makes sure that your knives are in good condition and restore the sharpness of the blades efficiently ensuring flawless cutting tasks without any ragged edges. This sharpener is suitable for different types of knives including kitchen knives, bread knives and sporting knives made up of alloy, stainless steel or carbon.

This sharpener has two grinding wheels that are appropriate for coarse sharpening. Each grinding wheel has two slots that can grind both edges of your knives. It works with two stages grinding system where the first stage sharpens the knife blades, and the second stage is for honing and polishing. It allows you to have a precise and smooth edge of your knife for effortless cutting.

This knife sharpener has a portable design which is supported by a non-slip fit to guarantee the safety of the device. Moreover, it has a cord storage so that you can use and maintain this sharpener easily.


  1. Design: It is available with red and black colour along with a durable and portable design
  2. Grinding wheel: Two grinding wheels with two slots per grinding wheel
  3. Type: Electric
  4. Sharpening angle: Optimum sharpening angle
  5. Sharpening stages: 2

Features we love

  • It is equipped with two stages of sharpening features that ensure razor-sharp edges.
  • Two grinding wheels with two slots per wheel help you to grind both sides of your knife.
  • It is designed with in-built screwdriver sharpening port and scissors sharpening groove.
  • It is available with a cord storage and non-slip feet.


  • Reduces ragged edges
  • Able to grind both sides of the knife
  • Appropriate for multipurpose use
  • Special Screwdriver Port and Scissor groove
  • Portable and compact design


  • Not ideal for serrated knives
  • Does not perform up to the mark

5.      Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener

Andrew James comes up with this best electric knife sharpener ensuring a flawless cutting action for your cooking. If you have this electronic device in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about the sharpness of your knives. This knife sharpener is very easy to use, and it is designed with all the essential features that guarantee maximum safety. So, with this sharpener, you can restore the blunt blades efficiently.

This electric knife sharpener by Andrew James is suitable for multipurpose use. You can sharpen a wide range of knives such as kitchen knives, hunting knives, chef’s knives and more which are made up of carbon, alloy or stainless steel. This knife sharpener is designed with high-quality plastic material for long-lasting performance. 

Moreover, the two-stage grinding system of this sharpener allows you to to have sharper and smoother edges to make sure you can cut and slice fibrous meat and without much effort. At the first stage, the coarse grinder sharpens the blunt blades of your knives, and the second stage is for defining and smoothing of the edges done by the fine grinder. Because of these two stages grinding process, you can get hair-splitting edges for better cutting actions.

Along with optimum size and height, this sharpener comes up with non-slip feet. This non-slip feet on the work surface allows you to use this sharpener safely and securely. So, if you are thinking to throw away your old knives, you can give a new life to them with this electric knife sharpener easily.


  1. Design: It is designed with high-quality plastic material and available with silver colour
  2. Grinding wheel: Two grinding wheel 
  3. Type: Electric
  4. Sharpening angle: Optimum sharpening angle
  5. Warranty: 2 years manufacturer’s warranty
  6. Sharpening stages: 2

Features we love

  • It works with the two-stage grinding process to create sharp edges and define the edge of the blades.
  • It has non-slip feet that allow a great hold on the working surface.
  • Different types of knives can be used to make sharper with this knife sharpener.


  • Durable and Portable design
  • Easy to use
  • Multipurpose use
  • Reduces ragged edges


  • No auto shut-off features
  • Performance is not up to the mark compared to the price

6.      Judge Horwood JEA32 Knife Honer & Sharpener

This Knife honer by Judege Horwood is the best electric Knife sharpener you have ever witnessed. Everyone wants to have sharper edges of their kitchen knives to enjoy their cooking without any hassle. Therefore, you must add the best electric knife sharpener to your household. With a view to that Judge has designed a unique knife honer and sharpener that makes your cutting tasks easy and flawless. With this two-stage sharpening electric knife sharpener, you can restore the blunt blades of your knives to razor-sharp condition.

This knife sharpener is very easy to use, and you can sharpen your knives with this sharpener safely and securely. It works with the two-stage sharpening system. The first stage is to grind the blunt blades of your knives with the help of coarse grinder where the second stage hones and defines the edges so that the knife can cut and chop any types of meat and hard food without any ragged edges.

Besides kitchen knives, this knife sharpener can grind a wide range of knives such as chef’s knives, hunting knives, bread knives etc. which are made of alloy, carbon or stainless steel materials. This sharpener allows you to grind one edge of the knife blades instead of both sides.

This knife sharpener is equipped with a unique feature that enables you to sharpen scissors. You can also restore the flat and damaged blade of screwdrivers with this electric device. It has a removable filling tray used in cleaning this knife sharpener with less effort. It is also available with the 2-year electrical guarantee offered by Judge so you can easily use this knife sharpener without any doubts.


  1. Design: Compact and durable design
  2. Grinding wheel: 2 grinding wheels and each of the wheels has two slots
  3. Type: Electric
  4. Sharpening angle: Optimum sharpening angle
  5. Warranty: 2-year electrical guarantee
  6. Sharpening stages: 2

Features we love

  • It has a two-stage sharpening system that is appropriate for razor-sharp edges.
  • You can sharpen and hone the edge of the knives effectively.
  • It can sharpen different types of knives.
  • This honer also allows you to grind the scissors and flat blades of screwdrivers.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy cleaning
  • Not so expensive
  • Appropriate for a wide range of knives
  • Suitable for scissors and screwdrivers


  • No non-slip feet
  • Not able to grind both sides of the knives

Final Verdict

We have covered all the main details about the best electric knife sharpeners that are available in the market. It’s time that you look at their specifications and choose your favourites. 

But before that, you need to be very thorough with some important facts about these knife sharpener. For that, all you need to do is read the buying guide provided above to understand all the primary facts that must be considered while you are planning to buy the right knife sharpener that caters to your needs well!

Good luck and do share which one did you like the most in the comment section below!