Best Drain Unblocker: Top 6 picks for 2020

These are the best drain unblockers in the UK

Let’s face it; there is nothing more taxing than dealing with a clogged drain! Whether it’s the bathroom drain, the kitchen sink, or the toilet, unclogging a drain is an arduous task!

Well, having one the drain unblockers can be a big help in battling with the blocked drain!

Drain clogging is inevitable, and over a certain period of time, every one of us has to deal with them. Those discarded food particles, and eggshells are enough to block the sink’s drain.

Similarly, skin flakes, hair, and soap scum have the potential to block your bathroom’s drain.

The worst part is that these residues get stubborn over time, so it is indispensable to have a drain unblocker by your side.

Here in this article, we have reviewed some of the best-selling drain unblockers you can get in 2020. Go through the article to pick a best-value drain unblocker for your home.

6 Best Drain Unblockers Reviewed and Compared

Our review team spent hours in reviewing ad comparing these drain unblockers to ensure that these can be the remedy you’ve been searching for.

Also, all the drain unblockers enlisted in the article are branded. So you are buying something that’s certified and safe to use.

1.     Green Gobbler Dissolve Tub Drain Unblocker

Green Gobbler is a prominent brand and is the foremost choice of many households when it comes to buying a drain unblocker.

The pre-measured dual-chamber bottle eliminates the hassles of measuring and pouring the solution so that it will save you time. The drain unblocker works well with all types of blocked drains, including the kitchen sink, bathroom tub, toilets, and much more.

The ultra-thick formula works on the core problem of the blockage, and you can easily unblock the drain in a couple of minutes.

The powerful formula can dissolve grease, soap scum, paper, hair, and other organic material, which are the major culprits behind household clogs. Moreover, it is a fully biodegradable solution, and you aren’t harming the rivers and nature in any way.

Using Green Gobbler Drain Unblocker is straightforward and simple. Just pour one chamber of liquid for tubs, and sinks as it is enough to unblock it. On the other hand, toilets and other such blocked drains require you to pour both chambers slowly.

Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes, and it will start liquefying the clogging agents, including hair and grease.

Lastly, you will get an unblocked drain, and that’s what you need. Rinse the drain with hot water, and it’s ready to use again!


  • Easy to use
  • Pr-measured quantity
  • Ideal for all types of blockages
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Biodegradable
  • Rapid liquefying technology dissolves everything quickly


  • A bit pricey

Bottom Line

This biodegradable drain unblocker from Green Gobbler should be your choice if you need a non-toxic solution for your kitchen sink and other drains. It’s easy to use, and the strong formulation starts acting on the blockage as soon as you pour it on the drain.

2.    HG Liquid Drain Unblocker

HG is another famous household brand that manufactures high-grade drain unblockers. The drain unblocker we are talking about here is a decent product that comes ready-to-use.

There is no need to dilute the solution, so there will be lesser spillages and wastage of the solution. The unblocker is ideal for every type of drain so you can get multiple bottles to cope up with all kinds of drain blockages.

Unlike granular drain unblockers, this one will not worsen the situation by settling down on the clog. HG claims that the solution acts quickly, and it will clear the blockage in around 30-minutes.

There is no quantity measurer, so you need to use a cup to get the job done rightly! This drain unblocker from HG can even unblock the toughest of blockages, which makes it a considerable option.

All you have to do is fill up the sink or the bathtub with warm water, and add 300ml or 3 cups of HG drain unblocker depending on the area of the drain.

It will dissolve all types of clogging agents, including hair, grease, paper, and other such elements. The handy bottle is easy to store, and you can keep it inside the cabinet after doing the job.

Rinse the drain with clean water after unblocking it to maintain a good flow of water. Lastly, you can also use this drain unblocker for unblocking plastic pipes as it won’t damage them in any way.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes ready to use
  • Unblocks the drain within 30 minutes
  • Works well with tough clogs as well


  • Not ideal for zinc and aluminium surfaces
  • Can cause skin burns if exposed directly on the skin

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you are looking for an affordable drain unblocker, then this solution from HG is a good option. The formula acts quickly and unclogs the drain in 30-minutes.

However, you have to wear gloves and eye gear while using this drain unblocker for added safety.

3.    Duzzit Drain Away

Duzzit is here with the most portable drain unblocker that comes into small sachets. You can use the drain unblocker for kitchen sink, bathroom drain, and caravan’s sink because the sachets are easy to store and use.

There are 15 sachets available in one box, so you can unclog five drains without getting a new pack. The formulation is very effective and starts acting on the core problem after you pour it on the drain.

A volcano of foam will burst out after you pour the solution on the blockage, so you have to use it safely. The unblocker is an excellent option to clear all types of blockages created by the hair, grease, and trapped food particles.

It is a biodegradable drain unblocker that isn’t harmful to nature, so you can choose it if you need something that doesn’t harm the river bodies.

Coming to the effectiveness, Duzzit Drain Unblocker is an effective solution that can liquefy all types of clogging elements like paper, hair, grease, and soap scum.

Using it is as easy as a breeze, and you can tear the sachet to pour the solution on the clogged drain. Once done, rinse the sink or the drain with the water, and the job is done!


  • Easy to use
  • Handy then a bottle
  • Works for all types of drains
  • Powerful formula


  • Releases foul smell while unclogging the drain
  • Creates foam

Bottom Line

This drain unblocker from Duzzit is what you need if you hate handling those leaky bottles. The sachets are easy to carry, and you can even use them in your caravan to deal with the blockages.

There are multiple options available with different sachets so you can make a choice accordingly.

4.    Domestos 15-Minute Drain Unblocker

Get this sink and pipe unblocker from Domestos if you don’t want to wait for hours to get it unclogged. The handy bottle with a prolonged neck makes it easy to pour the solution directly on the blockage, and there will be no spillages.

The powerful formula by Domestos quickly breaks down the blockage caused by hair, food, soap scum and other such elements. You can use the drain unblocker for all types of drain, and that makes it a versatile solution.

Simply, pour the solution on the blockage and let it sit for around 15-minutes. The time can vary depending on the type of drain and the toughness of the clog.

In some cases, the solution even requires around 2-hours to unblock the drain fully, as an example for sinks blocked due to trapped vegetables and carbohydrates. The drain unblocker produces no foam, and there won’t be a pungent smell while using it.

The best part about the drain unblocker is that it curtails the smell caused due to the clog, so you get some deodorising done complimentary while unblocking the drain.


  • Works for all types of drains and showers
  • Curtails pungent smell and germs
  • Dissolves vegetables and carbohydrates blockages as well
  • Easy to use with the handy bottle
  • Value for money


  • Can take more time to clear stubborn blockages

Bottom Line

This drain unblocker from Domestos is an affordable and effective solution, so you aren’t wasting your money down the drain. It works as promised, but tough blockages require some more time, which is the only downside associated with the product.

5.     Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker

The reason why Buster Bathroom calls this solution a “one-shot plughole unblocker” is due to its potent formulation that can clear all types of drain blockages.

The chemicals present in this drain blocker can dissolve anything right from hair to paper, and soap scum. You can use it for all areas of the home, and that’s why it is an all-in-one drain unblocker.

The compact bottle allows you to pour the solution directly on the blockage. There are six bottles available in one pack, and you can use them to battle six drain blockage problems.

The unblocker requires around 15-minutes to clear the blockage, all thanks to its chemical formulation that liquefies all types of clogging elements.

There will be no foaming at all, so you don’t have to scrub the entire bowl or sink after unblocking it. Moreover, the unblocker doesn’t produce any foul smell, and that’s an added benefit.

However, the manufacturer recommends using it with ultimate care as the solution can cause a severe burn on the naked skin.


  • Easy to use
  • Dissolves almost everything
  • Effective to clean soap, hair, and other types of clogs
  • No need to dilute before using


  • Harmful for aquatic life
  • Contains noxious chemicals

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Buster Bathroom Drain Cleaner is a versatile product that works well for all types of blockages. Whether you are looking for a drain unblocker for your kitchen or bathroom, this product is something you can count upon.

There are multiple packs available, and you can even get one bottle if you want to try its effectiveness.

6.    Scotch Corporation UB1969 Drain and Pipe Cleaner

Scotch Corporation is here with a drain and pipe cleaner that’s equally effective for all types of blockages. The formula of this clog remover is super strong, yet it is ideal for plastic pipes as well.

The 1-litre bottle is enough to clear multiple blockages, and you don’t have to spend some more money on one-time use unblockers.

Scotch has used a caustic formula in this drain unblocker that generates heat to caramelise and melt the blockage to clear it out on the go.

There will be no foaming at all, and the formula will act without producing any foul smell. To get effective results with the unblocker, you have to leave it overnight, as it is not an instant drain unblocker.

The bottle comes with a handle, and you can easily target the clogged part without spilling the liquid. From the kitchen sink to the bathroom’s drain, you can use the unblocking solution anywhere to get rid of the blockage.

Overall, this is one of the most potent formulations available out there, and it can clear even the toughest of clogs while melting it. Just pour it over the clogged drain, and let it sit overnight for optimal results.


  • Super-string formula
  • Generates heat to melt the clog
  • Works on all types of blockages
  • Reasonably priced for a one-litre bottle


  • Contains chemicals that can cause severe burns on the skin
  • Takes more time for significant results

Bottom Line

Clearing stubborn drain blockage requires a powerful formula like Scotch Corporation UB1969 Drain and Pipe Cleaner. It is not a one-time sachet, and you can use the solution multiple times to get rid of drain blockages.

Also, the caustic solution generates heat that can melt any type of blockages to reward you with a free-flowing drain.

Buyers’ Guide: How to select the best drain unblocker that works for you

Every drain unblocker has some distinct properties. As an example, some act better on blockage caused by vegetables, while some are better in dissolving hair and soap scum clogs.

Check out the below-mentioned factors to make a worthy purchase.

Type of solution

There are multiple types of drain unblockers available in the market, like gels, liquids, and powders. Every solution has different characteristics and drains clearing potential, so you should make your choice accordingly.

As per the experts, liquid drain unblockers work best, and you should get them to clear all types of blockages. However, if you need an unblocker to clean a mild or low severity blockage, then you can choose between gel and powder-based drain unblockers.

Type of blockage

What type of drain blockage is bothering you? Is it the kitchen or the bathroom or both?

There are some drain unblockers that work well in dissolving vegetables and carbohydrates. On the other hand, some products have sure-shot results for clearing hair and soap scum blockages.

If you need a versatile drain unblocker that works with every type of blockage, then we suggest you go with Scotch Corporation UB1969 Drain and Pipe Cleaner.


Biodegradable or eco-friendly drain unblockers have zero harm to nature and water bodies. You can even make your choice based on this factor. There are some drain unblockers like Green Gobbler Dissolve Tub Drain Unblocker, which are biodegradable, and you should get it if you don’t need one filled with hazardous chemicals.

Timeframe to clean the drain

Do you need a drain cleaner that cleans the blockage quickly? If yes, then you need a drain unblocker that requires less time to clean the blockage thoroughly.

There are only a few drain cleaners that clean the drain quickly, and Domestos 15-Minute Drain Unblocker is one of them.

How We Selected these Drain Unblockers

How we selected the best drain unblockers in 2020

Shortlisting the best drain unblockers wasn’t an easy task at all. The markets are flooded with a multitude of unblockers, so it becomes daunting to find out, which drain unblocker works well.

Here are the parameters we used while selecting these products.

Customer ratings

The first thing we checked was the customer ratings for every product. All the drain unblockers enlisted in this article have excellent customer ratings, which means, thousands of residents in the UK have used these products.

Value for money

From the beginning, we were focused on picking the products that are worth every single penny. Yes, drain cleaners aren’t that expensive. Still, you will get the value you have spent on these.


It’s imperative to use branded products when it comes to unclogging a blocked drain. All the products reviewed in this article belong to celebrated brands across the globe.

With these parameters in mind, we selected these drain cleaners for you so that you get a product that works as promised.

Summing it up

Having one of the best drain cleaners is a necessity, as calling a plumber every time isn’t a viable option at all! You can pick any of these drain unblockers to get rid of the blockage in a couple of minutes.

Some of them can even clear the toughest of blockages! Make sure to go through the buying guide section to get some essential information about these products.

Do let us know what you think is the best drain cleaner for your household. Leave your answers in the comment section.