Best BRITA Kettle to watch out in 2020

Are you looking to add a good taste to your hot drinks? Well, BRITA water filter kettles make this job quite easier for you! Being equipped with in-built replaceable filters, you get the best tasting drinks without the need for any different water filter. Fascinating, right? Well, we have more for you! 

We have covered all the best BRITA kettles designed to aid you with excellent internal filtering capabilities. But first, let’s get to know about all the noteworthy features that play an integral role in making the right purchase that fits your budget!

Best brita kettle

Guideline to buy the best BRITA kettle

Many options are available in the market, and sometimes the hyped-up features of the product hide the core element leaving you with a low-quality item.

Before looking for different options, consider some crucial metrics to buy the most suitable kettle for your needs. 

1.      Design and Material

When looking for a suitable kettle, you should deem the material and design of the kettle. The stainless steel structure makes the kettle handle more wear and tear, which also makes the kettle heavy. Plastic structures are light to lift and put less pressure on the wrist.

Clear and transparent design allows seeing through the structure to estimate the capacity, which is more user friendly over the opaque ones.

So, deem about the environment for the kettle to use and choose a suitable material according to it.

2.      Water Capacity

Generally, kettles come in different capacities. But standard ones are 1 litre, 1.5 litres, and 2 litres. Overall, the 1.5 litres capacity is optimum for regular use. Think about your needs and requirements before selecting the perfect one.

3.      Filtration System

BRITA kettles generally come in a built-in and detachable variant. The built-in option is very easy to use, whereas the detachable one provides more customization. With a built-in variant, you just need to add the water, and you get clean and clear water for your drinks. 

Also, the filter replacement indicator’s presence makes it very comfortable to know when to replace the filter of your kettle. Regular and timely replacement of the filter in kettle ensures clean and safe water for drinking.

The best brita kettles improve water quality

4.      Heating Element

The heating element is the core feature of the kettle. This element is going to heat the content in the pot. So, good quality and excellent performance of this particular part are crucial in a good kettle. Generally, all the kettle has a power of 3000 watts, which allows them to heat the content very fast.

5.      Water Dispenser

Not all kettles have this feature available in them. It is an additional feature that makes a pot more user friendly. It enhances the style of the kettle and provides you with an accurate metric of the capacity which has to be boiled.

6.      User-friendliness

Different kettles have different designs and structures. Some are cordless, and some have auto shut off feature. Both these features make a pot very easy to use. The 360-degree base feature makes kettle to be used ambidextrously.

Best BRITA Kettles

Here are some of top-notch BRITA kettle to look into and buy according to your needs

1.      Morphy Richards White BRITA Filter 

A top-notch kettle by Morphy Richards which is designed to enhance the taste of the drinks easily. One of the best BRITA kettles by the company. Usually, tap water consists of different impurities, including limescale, lead, etc., which are filtered entirely by this kettle. Moreover, it adds and natural flavour and aroma to the water.

Its simultaneous filter and boil technology enable you to save your time with the maximum working speed. It is equipped with an electronic memo indicator reminding you to change the cartridge timely, which makes it convenient to use. This cartridge is made up of 100% recyclable material, but it takes fewer pence per litre for a better taste of water.

This kettle has 1.5l water capacity that can serve more or less 6 cups. The handy water gauge available with this kettle helps you to view the water capacity. It is also designed with boil-dry protection and cord storage facility. A 3kW concealed element promotes faster boiling so that you can avoid wasting water and your time as well.

You do not have to take any hassle while using this kettle. It is effortless to use and maintain. It has a 360° base appropriate for right or left-hand use. With the BRITA Maxtra+technology filter, this kettle supports rapid boiling. So, if you have to maintain a busy household or need hot water for your family quickly in the morning, you should go for this kettle for better performance.


  1. Capacity – 1.5 litres serving up to 6 cups
  2. Power – 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material – BRITA Maxtra+ limescale protection 
  4. Heating element – 3kW concealed element
  5. Guarantee: 2 year
  6. 360° base for right and left-hand use
  7. Cordless design available with electronic memo indicator

Features we love

  • BRITA Maxtra+ technology helps to filter and boil at the same time.
  • Limescale protection ensures clearer and cleaner water with natural aroma.
  • It is easy to hold and easy to clean.
  • It is designed with durable material appropriate for high-temperature boiling.
  • It enhances the taste of your hot drinks.

2.      Breville BRITA HotCup Hot Water Dispenser

It is the best BRITA kettle by Breville available with the intelligent filtration technology. It helps to remove hardness and different impurities from the water, including chlorine, heavy metals, and several organic compounds. You can quickly boil a cup of water just within one minute. But this kettle works so effectively that it boils and cleans the water without decreasing its taste. It is designed with the quick-boil facility, which is perfect for a busy household.

It is equipped with such an efficient way that it dispenses water only after reaching 100°C. 

You are allowed to access a better control of this appliance because of the one-stop functionality. You just get your favourite drink with the appropriate temperature only with a single click.

It has the BRITA Maxtra feature used in filtering impurities from the water. This is the reason why this hot water dispenser can dispense hot drinks with great taste. Besides, it works in a versatile manner, which enables you to boil a maximum of 1.8 litres water provides up to 9 cups. It makes sure the whole process of boiling is done without wasting time or water.

A combination of carbon and ion exchange resin is used to reduce hardness and impurities from the water. You can rely on this kettle without any doubt if you are living in a hard water region. It not only does speed up boiling but also enhances the taste of water.


  1. Capacity – 1.8 litres water provides up to 9 different cup sizes
  2. Power- 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material – Combination of carbon and ion exchange resin with stainless steel structure
  4. Heating Element:3kW element for rapid boil
  5. Guarantee: 1 year
  6. One-stop button for control

Features we love

  • It has a removable drip tray that makes this kettle easy to clean.
  • BRITA Maxtra limescale filter is used for better filtration.
  • The one-stop button ensures great functionality.
  • The Quick-boil system supports rapid boiling.
  • It boils water for nine different cup sizes.

3.      Russell Hobbs 22851 BRITA Filter Kettle

One of the best BRITA kettles by Russell Hobbs you can find in the market. It is designed with an in-built BRITA filter technology that works effectively to remove limescale and chlorine from water. It is also able to absorb impurities like lead and copper commonly found in tap water. Because of this excellent filtering capacity, you can enjoy your hot drink without any bad taste.

BRITA filter makes sure that you get clearer and cleaner water swiftly. A built-in alert comes with this kettle that tells you to replace the cartridge timely. You will also be in love with the structure and design of this kettle. It has a standard quality transparent casing that allows you to watch the water boiling inside the kettle. 

You can see a soft blue light that becomes the brightest when the temperature reaches the boiling point. The kettle has a sturdy structure with stainless steel accents. It has a stunning look, which makes it stand out from other kettles. The base of the kettle is integrated with cord storage to keep it safe after use.

This kettle can surely enhance the beauty and standard of your kitchen with its stylish look. The BRITA Maxtra+ technology is used in this kettle to enjoy your favourite hot drink without compromising with the taste. So, it must be an excellent choice to have this kettle for increasing the taste of hot tea or coffee without any hardness.


  1. Capacity – Boil capacity 1 litre, hopper capacity 0.5 litre
  2. Power – 2200 watts
  3. Design/Material – Designed with durable stainless-steel material
  4. Heating element – Concealed element for heating
  5. Guarantee- 2 years guarantee +1
  6. Cord storage at the bottom

Features we love

  • It is equipped with BRITA Maxtra+ limescale protection.
  • It increases the taste of your hot drinks with impurity-free water.
  • This kettle is available with a cartilage replacement reminder.
  • It comes with a durable and sturdy look with transparency.
  • It is designed 360° base with cord storage for right or left-hand use.

4.      Russell Hobbs 20760 

If you are searching for the best BRITA kettle within your budget, this kettle from Russell Hobbs can be a good option for you. It is equipped with an internal BRITA filter system, which is used in reducing limescale and chlorine from water. Usually, tap water contains some impurities like lead and copper, which can be absorbed permanently with this filtration system. It also increases the taste of your hot drinks.

This kettle has a handy internal alert, which gives a reminder to change the cartridge timely. It makes sure that every drop of water you get from this kettle is pure and clear. The simple and attractive look of this kettle can enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The high-quality glass casing of this kettle allows you to watch the water boiling inside the kettle.

You can see soft blue light, and it becomes the brightest when the water temperature reaches the boiling point. So, you do not worry about excess or less heating. The kettle base has integrated cord storage where you can tie up the cords to make it clutter-free. A 3kW concealed element ensures a rapid boiling so that you do not have to give much time.

This kettle has the advanced BRITA filter technology, which works effectively to remove substances causing bad taste of your hot drinks. Nevertheless, you are allowed to enjoy the natural aroma and flavour of your hot tea or coffee with the cleaner and clearer water provided by this kettle.


  1. Capacity – 1.5 litre
  2. Power – 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material – Durable Glass casing 
  4. Heating element – Concealed element
  5. Guarantee – 2 years
  6. Reminder for cartridge replacement

Features we love

  • BRITA Maxtra filter removes all impurities and limescale
  • It enhances the flavour and aroma of your tea and coffee.
  • It is Infused with built-in blue illumination.
  • This kettle is available with a removable and washable filter.
  • It is designed with bottom cord storage 

5.      Breville BRITA Filter Jug Kettle

Breville’s kettle is the most suitable option for boiling cleaner and clearer water for your favourite hot drinks. It is designed with BRITA water filtration system that makes it the best BRITA kettle available in the market. It is equipped with the advanced technology of filtering and boiling water at the same time. It can improve the taste, flavour, and appearance of the tap water by removing all the impurities and hardness permanently.

With the support of BRITA Maxtra technology, this kettle is capable of rapid boiling. There is an electronic indicator attached to this kettle to make sure you change the cartridge when required. You can use this Kettle easily for your busy household without any troubles. It is appropriately the best accessible kettle that allows you to make freshly filtered tea, coffee, or soups for your family.

This kettle is designed to boil up to seven cups of water at once. It has a smooth curvy structure made of silver that will add a different look to your kitchen. There is an infused soft blue light. It becomes the brightest when your water reaches the boiling point.

All these features of this kettle are designed to support modern lives. You can maintain and clean this kettle like any other normal kettles. The easy-switch filtration cartridge allows you to clean this kettle effortlessly.


  1. Capacity – 1 litre or up to seven cups of water
  2. Power – 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material – Modern, convenient design with Plastic body
  4. Heating element – 3kW heating element for rapid boiling
  5. Guarantee – 1 year
  6. Electronic indicator for cartridge replacement reminder

Features we love

  • It is infused with a soft blue light in boil mode to tell you the water is ready.
  • It has a lift-up lid with a non-slip fit.
  • BRITA Maxtra technology removes all limescale and impurities permanently.
  • It can enhance the taste and flavour of your hot drinks.
  • It is designed with a removable limescale filter for easy cleaning.

6.      Morphy Richards 120003

Do you want to buy the best BRITA kettle by Morphy Richards? This electric kettle has all the essential features required for your busy household. It is equipped with the illuminated water gauge that allows you to know whether the kettle is full of water. It is capable of containing 1.5. Litres water serves a maximum of six cups.

The kettle is available with the advanced BRITA Maxtra water filtration technology. With this technology, all the limescale and impurities like lead, chlorine, etc. can be removed from the water. As a result, you will get clear and pure water enhancing the taste of your hot drinks.

The BRITA filter present in this kettle is removable and can be washed easily. There is an in-built alert that works as a cartridge replacement reminder. It means you will get a reminder when the cartridge is required to change for better filtration. This kettle also has a push-button lid, which helps you for a comfortable feel.

You can use this kettle safely. The boil-dry protection and worktop cord storage make it easy and safe for you to boil water in this kettle. BRITA Maxtra filter supports you to boil water at a rapid pace so that you do not have to waste time in a hectic morning for boiling water.

The kettle comes up with a 360-degree cordless base, which is useful for right and left-handed use. People who live in a hardware region and want to taste their favourite coffee, tea, or soup with the most natural flavour and taste, must consider this kettle for boiling and filtering water effortlessly.


  1. Capacity: 1.5 litres
  2. Power: 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material: Durable plastic material
  4. Heating Element: Concealed heating element
  5. Guarantee: 2 years
  6. Controlling Mode: In-built electric indicator

Features we love

  • It is available with boil-dry protection for safety.
  • BRITA filter removes all the impurities and limescale.
  • This kettle increases the taste of your filtered hot drinks.
  • It is equipped with removable and washable filters.

7.      Russell Hobbs 18554 Purity

This kettle by Russell Hobbs is considered as the best BRITA kettle within a pocket-friendly price range. It can remove all the limescale and impurities from water, being well-equipped with the advanced BRITA water filtering system.

Tap water contains different chemicals like lead, chlorine, which can decrease the natural taste of your tea and coffee. BRITA filter helps filter the water so that it ensures the natural taste and aroma when added to your hot drinks. 

The kettle has a unique feature of filtering and boiling water at the same time, which saves both water and time. With this fastest boiling, you can remain less worried in the busy morning about boiling water. It is designed with a push-button lead and spout filter. 

It comes up with an in-built blue illustration. When the water reaches its boiling point, it becomes the brightest to remind you. Also, it has the cartridge replacement reminder facility, which means the indicator will tell you when you need to change the cartridge.

You can use this kettle according to your convenience. Its 360o base for right and left-handed use allows you to use this kettle with ultimate comfort. It also has a cord storage so that the cord can be tied up when you are not using the kettle.


  1. Capacity: 1 Litre
  2. Power: 3000 watts
  3. Design/Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  4. Heating Element: Concealed heating element
  5. Warranty: 2 years
  6. Cordless

Features We Love

  • It has the BRITA filter technology to remove limescale and impurities.
  • This kettle enhances the taste of your tea or coffee.
  • It is designed with a boil state blue illumination.
  • Having a 360-degree base with cord storage makes it easier to use.

The Bottom Line

Now that you have known about all the exclusive product range, be ready to shortlist your favourites from the above list. It’s time to select the apt product that fits your needs well. Just evaluate what proffers more convenient and can reduce dirt and limescale in a jiffy. 

All the products that we have discussed above speak for themselves, which is why they are considered the best BRITA kettles in the market. We are sure that you will feel the difference in taste and love the new experience! Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below.